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Matt Black is the new Black

From car manufacturers to the furnishing elements, synonymous of sportiness, glamour and modernity, matt black has become a part of all the trendiest consumer sectors. I Tesori understands art and style walk hand in hand and that is why we can offer you a range of door handle designs that fit with this timeless classical look.

Matt black is a perfect color to create an elegant and bold feature to your door. A black center door knob welcoming your guests to your home, or perfectly matched kitchen pull handles in the same color and design as your door handle and hinges are a smart way to create an elegant and sophisticated air to your interior design. Matt black door handles fitted to a light or neutral background color doors will stand out and brilliantly highlight other color elements in the room.

Introducing black door handles might seem radical, however the result can transform your entire room.

Thanks to the inspiration from various historical periods, the collection is continually enriched with elegant new designs helping you to create that bespoke look. The classicism of shapes is combined with the tradition of the manufacturing techniques used to create a collection of products, whose agelessness become a guarantee of authenticity and craftsmanship.

I Tesori believes door handles are not just a functional item that operates a door but is an extension of your personality. We want to live in spaces that reflects us as individuals, be it traditional, modern, extravagant or modest. We offer you the perfect mix, only limited by your imagination.