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Finest Range of European Luxury Hardware

FINEST BRANDS OF EUROPEAN LUXURY HARDWARE I Tesori is an emerging force in the UK market for beautiful hardware of exceptional quality and exclusivity. It has gathered together a portfolio of the finest brands of European luxury hardware, brought to market via a select number of specialist distributors, who will offer the highest levels of service and support demanded by such prestigious products. Products are made to order in Europe on short lead times of around 6 weeks. This means being able to meet the most demanding project timelines for new build or refurbishment programs. I Tesori’s owners have 30 years of developing and sourcing door furniture and offering best in class service. STYLE WITHOUT COMPROMISE Deluxia are passionate about good design. They balance originality and imagination, attention to detail with an obsession with quality craftsmanship. Deluxia have been successfully creating beautiful door furniture since 1979, and their experience shows: by understanding needs for professionalism, initiative and proficiency. As a design oriented producer and a close follower of the developments in this field, Deluxia acquires the ability to develop and provide exquisite solutions to the Interior Design industry. The well-deserved reputation and market share of Deluxia was the basic motivation for the company’s penetration in foreign markets such as Italy, France, Germany, Greece, UK, Belgium, USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Deluxia has also assumed the non-questionable responsibility of committing themselves to supply a wide and dynamic product range to international standards. dnd® IS RESEARCH AND EVOLUTION The Martinelli company was established in 1968 in Nozza, Valle Sabbia, province of Brescia, in the North of Italy. The company was founded by Angelo Martinelli, together with his brothers. Since the very beginning, innovation and high quality products have been embedded in the roots of the company within the historic craftsmanship values and in the values of its region. The organisation is now located in Casto, and is still run by the Martinelli family. The love for classic, timeless lines, has not prevented Martinelli from observing the new trends of the interior design world, and dnd by Martinelli was in fact established in 1998, in order to satisfy the needs of the continuously evolving design sector. This division soon became the centre for the development of new ideas, originating from the collaboration with re nowned designers. ORIGINATED IN BRETONE, NORTHERN ITALY IN 1946 As Griff Werk developed the company set up new premises in Germany in 1999. The Italian roots are still present within their stylish range of products but are now coupled with German engineering, present an elegant and ingenious product range for the glass and wooden door industry. The beautifully crafted products of Griff Werk offer flexibility and durability within a home or commercial environment, adding style and sophistication to any property. Griff Werk . . . Opening Doors QUALITY DOOR FURNITURE, FIXTURES AND FITTINGS Manital was started near Brescia, Northern Italy, in 1990 to manufacture brass door and window handles. In 2004 a new plant was opened in Gavardo, also near Brescia combining both the offices and the production process. 100% Made in Italy design and production, to combine aesthetics with innovation and quality. Manital ensures that each single product is manufactured with the utmost care using the best materials and technologies. The design of Manital products comes as a result of their collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects such as Mario Mazzer, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Sottsass Associati, Pedrizzetti Associati, Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, Davide Mercatali, Valentina Downey, Itamar Harari and Studio Hot Lab. ERAS FROM CLASSIC TO MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY The Enrico Cassina Company, founded in 1850 in Milan, has produced a range of products that has the power to satisfy a desire for beauty and the wish to live amongst objects of elegance and distinction – a power rooted in the history of art, which has long been an inspiration to the Masters of Enrico Cassina. Since 1946, three generations of the Porro family have been driven by a passion for the design and production of furniture accessories, and have developed from key manufacturing to acquiring the prestigious historical brand of Enrico Cassina in 2005. Offering a full complementary range of products from door handles to coat hooks, Enrico Cassina’s products have been refined in detail by following a historical and artistic timeline. The Collection ranges in styles of all eras from Classic to Modern and Contemporary.

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“A wish to live amongst objects of elegance and distinction – a power rooted in the history of art”

Enrico Cassina

“DND is research and evolution. Experimentation always focused on the future which caters to the design in its pure meaning to get a perfect synthesis between functionality and aesthetics”

DND by Martinelli DND by Martinelli

“The balance of originality and imagination, attention to detail with an obsession with quality craftsmanship”


“To join 100% Made in Italy, design and production - combine aesthetics with innovation and quality”


“To join 100% Made in Italy, design and production - combine aesthetics with innovation and quality”